Novelty Machine & Supply Co.

We first opened our doors in Sioux City, Iowa in 1876. The company was originally a foundry which produced wrought iron trim but quickly adapted to meet the industrial needs of the area. Moving from steam engine assembly, through machine work and automotive parts, Novelty Machine & Supply Co. continued to grow as a job-shop and industrial distributor. We specialize in:


Novelty is ready to supply exactly what you demand. From bearings or valves to conveyors or hoists and everything in-between.


We’re capable of manufacturing needed parts in our facility. Serviceability is what our machine shop is about.


Our experienced technicians ensure that every repair is done to any manufacturer’s specifications and in a timely manner.

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Today, Novelty Machine & Supply Co. is unique in the services they provide. Novelty represents over 150 manufacturers of power transmission, industrial plumbing, material handling, air compressors, generators and engines. Novelty also maintains a comprehensive machine shop for rebuilding or refurbishing custom parts and a service department to help take care of the maintenance of the products it sells.