Air Compressor Lubricants – Summit


Summit lubricants will fit the specific needs of all rotary screw, centrifugal or reciprocating compressors. We have products that protect against extreme pressures, extreme temperatures, wear and deposit formations, mechanical stress, metal-to-metal wear, oxidation, and much more. We offer a lubrication solution for every air compressor application on the market.


The extensive line of high-tech, synthetic compressor oils offer a series of benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: The excellent solvency of Summit’s synthetic lubricants keeps your entire system clear of varnish and sludge, while providing proper lubrication for extended bearing life.
  • Reduced lubricant consumption: Summit synthetic lubricants provide excellent thermal stability, low volatility, excellent shear properties and superior oxidation resistance.
  • Energy savings: Summit synthetic lubricants exhibit lower coefficients of friction, high thermal stability and superior heat-transfer ability, which means your machine will use less energy.
  • Operating safety: Higher flash points and auto ignition temperatures make Summit synthetic lubricants safer to use than petroleum based products.
  • Environmentally friendly: Summit synthetic lubricants run cleaner and last longer than petroleum products, resulting in less volume and cost associated with their disposal.