Bearing Pullers – Posi Lock

The Cage is the Key: our patented steel cage enables the jaws to be automatically aligned, locked, opened, and closed by turning the T-handle. Tapered jaws allow clamping around bearing for a perfect pull. Easily lock on ball grooves and bearing races.

For applications requiring high-force removal of press-fit parts, there is no safer, more efficient solution than Hydraulic Pullers by Posi Lock. Up to 200 ton.


Versatility is the key to maximizing your investment in any tool. Our Puller Sets pair our manual pullers with their complementary accessories, expanding their potential. Posi Lock® pullers are designed with a three-part mission: Safety, Speed, and Strength. Our manual pullers have been meeting these criteria for nearly four decades. We take pride in the adaptability of our products. Our TJ-series pullers apply Posi Lock® fortitude to automotive challenges.